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Player Ban Notice

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

Through our continuous investigations on reports of cheating in-game and usage of illegal mods, we have further verified more users that have violated our Terms of Use.
The following 27 user accounts have been banned from Vanguard ZERO:

Username User ID
【Zero】X 610115548
Niven 615914160
Neurooon 999413055
ICE•glacier 216713477
……………. 679517225
Sendou Asuji 819214912
Nani 384813766
TheOma11 384813543
WInner Winner 610118057
Death_Scarlet 433212632
INSANE 999415957
SatanMk.2 984912529
Kai Toshiki 616213451
DTKS 610119450
Anonygga 529119958
death wish 610118436
Aimyon 935819899
SadSmile 178418743
BxbySyaFz 999411891
Vayne Gay 734812864
link 158911623
god 529119437
Toshiki Kai 265715598
Petronilo 984916243
[ ] 734812038
GGPW 935815950
#legalizeFurries 567216936

The corrected player rankings will be updated at a later date.
While we are not actively banning the use of automated clickers at the moment, we still highly discourage the use of unsanctioned third party platforms, as we may not be able to provide technical support for any issues that happen on said platforms.
We are continuing our investigations on other suspicious accounts, and will proceed to ban them upon verification as well.
An automated system that bans players from using illegal mods and other means of cheating is also in the process of being implemented.
We encourage users to continue to report suspicious behavior or the usage of illegal data modifications and their sources to us.

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We thank you for your understanding and support in trying to maintain a fair and safe game environment.

The Vanguard ZERO Team