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What is Vanguard

The card game "Vanguard" that is staged in a different world called "Planet Cray", is experiencing a phenomenal boom throughout the world.

The main protagonist of this story, Aichi Sendou, is a timid and nervous third-year junior high school student. And what supported Aichi through those pessimistic and inconspicuous days was the Vanguard card that he received as a child, "Blaster Blade".

Since he reunited with the person who gave him "Blaster Blade", Toshiki Kai, Aichi began to grow as a "Vanguard Fighter", making new friends such as Misaki Tokura and Kamui Katsuragi, and encountering many rivals along the way.

Aichi keeps moving forward each day with his sights set on having another cardfight with Kai, the one who guided him to Vanguard---!




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  • AICHI SENDOU CV:Tsubasa Yonaga

    The male protagonist of the story.
    Timid and nervous, but kind-hearted.
    He used to be bullied, but after encountering "Vanguard",
    Aichi became positive and continues to mature as a person. He respects Kai, and sets his sights on getting recognition from him by battling him.


    Royal Paladin

  • TOSHIKI KAI CV:Takuya Sato

    Though he hasn't participated in tournaments,
    Kai's skills as a Vanguard Fighter are considered to be top-notch.
    Kai used to be bright and kind, But when he reappeared in front of Aichi, he seems to have become cold and distant.



  • KAMUI KATSURAGI CV:Shizuka Ishikawa

    An energetic vanguard fighter in elementary school
    who can mow down the likes of even his middle
    and high school seniors.
    Kamui fell in love with Emi at first sight, Aichi's younger sister, and often refers to Aichi as Big Brother.
    Despite being verbally brash, Kamui has a good heart by nature.


    Nova Grappler

  • MISAKI TOKURA CV:Izumi Kitta

    A high school student working at the card shop "Card Capital".
    However, she doesn't have much interest in card games.
    Fearless and straightforward, she often makes direct remarks that intimidate some people.
    To many people's surprise, she exhibits an unexpected talent for Vanguard as a new player.


    Oracle Think Tank


    Leader of Team Asteroid, who were the champions at the National tournament, winning with overwhelming strength. The disparity in power is a great draw for the viewers. He has an elusive personality and no one knows what he thinks in his heart


    Shadow Paladin

  • TETSU SHINJOU CV:Tetsu Inada

    In Team Asteroid, his power and fame is second only to Ren. His nickname “General”, along with his grim demeanor, makes him a fearsome fighter. He is the only person who knows the past of Ren and Kai.


    Dark Irregulars

  • ASAKA NARUMI CV:Hitomi Nabatame

    A fighter whose beautiful appearance belies her ominous nickname, “Assassin”. Each fight is as merciless as they are splendid and precise. She adores Ren, and has sworn absolute loyalty to him.


    Pale Moon

  • Kyou Yahagi CV:Akeno Watanabe

    A member of Team Asteroid know as the “Crusher”,
    because of how he totally annihilates his opponents, to the point of crushing their spirits. He has absolute confidence in his abilities and tends to look down on other fighters.


    Spike Brothers