Vanguard ZERO

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Vanguard ZERO Online Tournament Support

We will be providing official support for organizers keen on holding Vanguard ZERO online tournaments!
Below is an outline of our support, conditions, and application form.

◆Assistance with Tournament Promotion
We will be able to assist with the promotion of the tournament on the official Vanguard ZERO social media (Facebook/Twitter) accounts.
However, the contents of the promotion will be subject to review, and we would like to seek your understanding in this matter.

◆Tournament Prize Support
We will be able to provide tournament prizes depending on the number of participants in the tournament.

(1) 8 to 15 participants
[1st Place] Gacha Ticket ×5

(2)16 to 31 participants
[1st Place] Gacha Ticket ×10

(3)32 to 47 participants
[1st Place] Gacha Ticket ×15
[2nd Place] Gacha Ticket ×8

(4)48 to 63 participants
[1st Place] Gacha Ticket ×15 + 100 V Medals
[2nd Place] Gacha Ticket ×8 + 50 V Medals
[3rd Place] Gacha Ticket ×5

(5)64 participants and above
[1st Place] Gacha Ticket ×20 + 200 V Medals
[2nd Place] Gacha Ticket ×10 + 100 V Medals
[3rd Place] Gacha Ticket ×10
[4th Place] Gacha Ticket ×5

※Applications are split by 16 participant blocks. For applications with 128 or more participants, please kindly approach us for further discussions.
※Prizes distributed will be based on final participation numbers.
※Please note that if there are fewer than 8 participants, it will not be regarded as an official tournament, and there will be no prize support for the tournament.
※In the case of team tournaments, prizes provided are to be divided among team members. (Organizers are required to provide the prize breakdown.)
Additionally, each team are required to have 3 members for team tournaments. If there are plans for the number of team members to be changed, please kindly note it down in the remarks.
※Kindly remind all participants not to edit their usernames if they have ranked until after receiving their respective prizes.

●For Tournament Organizers
Title: [Zero Ambassador] will be gifted.

Organize a tournament with 16 or more participants: Gacha Ticket ×5
Organize a tournament with 32 or more participants: Gacha Ticket ×10


◆The following conditions must all be met for support to be provided.


  • Applications for tournaments must be submitted 2 weeks before the tournament commences
  • Applications must cater for 16 or more players
  • Organizers must be above the age of 20, and must fill in all forms necessary for reporting in English, and must be able to communicate in English.
  • The tournament must be centered around Vanguard ZERO.
  • All prizes will only be awarded to the English version.

※Each organizer may only apply for up to 1 tournament per month.
※A maximum of 30 gacha tickets can be gifted for any unique player ID per month.
※Depending on the criteria, please note that there may be some applications that will be rejected.

・For verification purposes, we will require the tournaments to either be streamed online, or to have video recording of the tournament included in the report.
Please include the URL to the archive of the stream, or to the recorded videos in the report submitted for verification.
Please note that no prizes will be distribute if the tournament cannot be verified.
To smoothen the verification process, submission of at least 1 match each round is recommended.


Please fill in the following form after acknowledging the above conditions.

Please submit the results of the tournament using the following form.

◆For Organizers, please note that the following actions are strictly prohibited.


In the case the above actions are found to have been carried out by an organizer, subsequent applications from the organizer will be rejected, and access to Vanguard ZERO accounts belonging to the organizers or assistants may be restricted.
Please follow the stated guidelines to reduce disputes among participants.
Additionally, if the number of participants is significantly lower than the applied number, future applications from the same organizer may be rejected.
Bushiroad International Pte Ltd reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend or modify the above terms and conditions without prior notice.
For any additional queries, please send them to:

* As our reply will be delivered to the Email address you put in the form, please ensure that you can receive with replies from the domain below.