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Season Event Archive-Autumn Festival

"Season Events" are one of the many types of events brought to you in Vanguard ZERO. Original stories and illustrations celebrate the daily lives of the characters in different seasons! Look forward to unique character outfits depending on the events. Enjoy this latest story of the Vanguard characters even if you're not a player of Vanguard ZERO!

Season Event Archives - Autumn Festival -

  • Wow, it's really crowded!
  • Really, where did all these people come from?!
  • It is an annual festival.
    The National Championship is over,
    so it's a rare chance for people to relax.
  • Is this really okay?
    Shouldn't we be practicing more......
    We did lose in the National Championship.
  • It's important to take a break too.
    Doing so,
    may let you do your best in the next one.
  • Misaki,
    Let's have some fun today!
  • ......okay
    I guess we can do that for 1 day.
  • Yay!
  • That aside, Kamui.
  • Emi having fun at the festival grounds......
    Really paints a pretty picture, doesn't it~?
  • Right~
    It does, doesn't it......
  • Kamui! Now is your chance,
    to capture Emi's heart!
  • CEH, yo!
  • R-Right!
  • Hey! There's a cotton candy stall right over there!
  • Kamui, that's a great gift for Emi!
  • Y-Yeah!
    Ahem! ......Emi!
    How about getting some cotton candy together?
  • Cotton Candy?
    I was hoping to leave sweets till the end!
  • T-That sounds great!
  • ......Kamui got shot down immediately.
  • KSI, yo......
  • Oh, darn!
    Failed again!!
  • Hey, you're here too.
    What's up?
  • Yo!
    Trying to catch some goldfish, what else......?
  • I've been tryin'
    for a few times, but I just can't catch any!
  • What are you doing?
    Not only are you bad at Vanguard fights,
    you are a blockhead when it comes to catching goldfish too?
  • What did you say?!
  • Hmph. Let me show you how it's done.
    First you go like this......
    And then!
  • Ohh! You're pretty good at it, Kamui!
  • Heh heh, there's nothin' to it!
  • You...... How did you actually do that?!
  • There's always a trick to it, a trick!
    It's just like a fight.
    Figure out when to ride the right cards, and go!!
  • ......hmph. Is that all you've got?
  • That voice!
  • I'm up next.
  • Hey, Kai!
    What do you mean by "is that all you've got"?
  • Just hand me the scoop.
  • Can you really do it?!
  • This is my way of handling it......
  • W-What?!
    3 goldfish at the same time?!
  • How did you pull that off?!
  • Wow! That's really fantastic, Kai!!
  • E-Emi?!
  • That's bad, Kamui!
  • BK, yo!
  • Darn! I can't lose to that!
    I'm gonna try for 4 at the same time!
  • And I will go for 5 at once!!

  • ......honestly, there's not much merit
    to catching goldfish.
  • Even so,
    I noticed you were really into it.
  • You must be mistaken.
  • As for festivals, I'm not......
  • Especially fond of it? Even though it's fun?
  • For example, that.
  • Hm?
    "That", as in the fried noodle stall?
  • No matter how I look at it, it's overcooked.
    There's too much oil too.
    On top of that, when flipping the noodles over,
    the way the wrist snaps.
  • It's just not good......
  • H-Hey. Hold on.
    You can't be thinking,
    "I'm gonna do it instead of that guy!"
    and actually saying it out loud, right?!
  •, I don't.
    On another note, Miwa.
  • Hm?
  • You've mentioned before
    that there's something I should see at this festival......
  • Well, don't rush it!
    I'll definitely show you later!

  • Well, well.
    It seems that everyone is having fun.
    Hm? What's that?
  • ......
  • Aren't you enjoying yourself?
  • Manager.
    N-No, I am.
  • Even so,
    it looks like something is troubling you......
  • R-Really?
  • Maybe,
    you'll feel better talking to someone?
  • If that's the case, I would gladly volunteer.
  • Manager......
  • Erm......
    It's nothing.
  • Aichi.
  • Really, it's not that big a problem.
  • Are you sure?
  • You really shouldn't ignore it.
  • Huh?
  • The expression on your face,
    reminds me of the time,
    right after the Nationals, you had the same look.
  • You thought that it was your fault the team lost,
    and was really depressed.
  • T-That's not true.
    Right after that,
    Kai had a word with me.
  • The current me may still be weak......
    But on the other hand,
    that means that I can still become stronger.
  • So......
    I wanted to fight some more,
    and continue to become even stronger!
  • Mm.
    Is that really all there is?
  • Huh......?
  • Ah. Brother Aichi!
  • Kamui?
  • So there you are.
    Come with us,
    and let's go scoop some goldfish together!
  • ......yeah,
    I'll be right over!
  • Manager......
    I'm really alright.
  • ......okay, I understand.
  • ......

  • (Was it really that obvious......
    But it was just like Manager said,
    it was bothering me a little)
  • ((Kai may have said
    that I can still get stronger,
    but what if, just what if)
  • (If I can't, what happens then......?)
  • (Even if I train a lot,
    it might not make much of a difference)
  • (If that happens,
    nothing much changes......
    and Team Q4 could just lose again)
  • (I would fail,
    to live up to Kai's expectations!)
  • ......
  • Wha......
    Who…is it?
  • ......
  • Kai!
  • That look.
    You're still worried.
  • Huh......?
  • It seems like my words
    are not getting through to you.
  • W-What do you mean?
  • ......
    People tied down by needless worries,
    don't get any stronger.
  • !!
  • I may have been mistaken.
  • Uh...... Kai.
  • Hey, Miwa.
  • My bad.
    I got caught up in scooping goldfish.
  • Oh, Aichi's here too.
  • You have something to show me, right?
    Let's get going then.
  • Leave it to me!
    Aichi, you're tagging along, right?
  • No, he's not.
  • Eh......
    Wait a minute, Kai......
  • ......
  • Kai!
  • Kai......
  • Ah, there you are!
    Brother Aichi!
    What's wrong, we're waiting for you over there.
  • Kamui.
  • Huh?
    You look a little down......
    Is something worng?
  • Huh? Oh no, it's nothing.
    It's a little dark around this area,
    so I got nervous, that’s all.
  • Oh? Al'right then......
  • So, you were talking about scooping goldfish?
  • Ah, Aichi!
    I found something more fun than that!
  • Would you like to take a look?
  • Oh? Something more fun?
  • Eh heh heh, this way!

  • Well, Brother!
    We're here!
  • This is......!
  • That's right!
    The Vanguard Autumn Festival Tournament
    is taking place right here!
  • Wow......the fanfare.
    It looks like everyone is hyped.
  • Yes!
    Looks like the challenging fighter
    has been winnin' match after match so far!
  • Ah, looks like another win!
  • Winning match after match...... Who could pull it off?
  • Heh heh.
    You're curious, aren't you?
  • Huh?
  • I thought so!
    You have your deck, right?
  • Yeah, I do......
  • Ah ha!
    Then let's jump right in!
  • Wait...... What?!
  • Yup!
    If Brother, who took part in the Nationals,
    entered this tournament,
    I'm sure it would really fire up the fighters here today!
  • I thought about entering too,
    but I forgot my deck......
  • Right! Brother!
    Just do it!!
  • I-It does seem fun, but......
  • (What if I lose again......)
  • Why not give it a try?
  • Manager?!
  • It might be just what
    you need right now.
  • Huh......?
  • Aichi, why don't you give it a shot?
  • Yeah! I's sure it will be really exciting!
  • I agree with Emi too!
  • AWE, yo!
  • Go on, Aichi!
  • I'll entrust my strongest deck to you!
  • Guys......
    But, I......
  • Right!
    Brother here is taking part!
  • Huuhh?!
  • Ah ha ha...... It's a little pushy,
    but just do your best out there.
  • M-Manager......
  • And,
    that's how I came to take part in the tournament......
    I wonder who my opponent is?
  • My guess is that,
    you are my honorable opponent?
  • Huh?! I-It's you?!
  • Ohh!
    Isn't it Aichi Sendou!!
  • N-Ninja Master M?!
  • This is the fighter winning match after match......?
  • I'm Ninja Master M!
    Where there's a Vanguard fight,
    there's going to be a ninja.
  • Festival grounds or even a shop tournament,
    there's no stopping
    my love for Vangaurd!
  • So, Aichi Sendou!
    If you're my next opponent,
    I shall rise to the challenge!
  • I'm currently winning every match!
    Can you stop my winning streak?!
    Ha ha ha!
  • O-Okay......
    I'll give it a try......
  • Is something wrong, Aichi Sendou?
    You seem a little under the weather.
  • N-no......
  • (Despite his looks,
    Ninja Master M is a pretty strong fighter.
    What tactics will he use today?)
  • (And...... What if,
    what if I lose......)
  • ......
  • Spirit!
    Spirit, spirit, spirit! Put some spirit into it!!
  • Ah?!
    N-Ninja Master?!
  • You're on the verge of an important fight,
    what exactly are you worried about?
    Could it be, that the possible outcome
    of this match, is causing some anxiety for you?
  • Huh?
  • If it is, that's ridiculous!
  • !!
  • You can't tell the outcome of a fight,
    without actually attempting to fight.
    A fighter's skill may be important,
    but luck plays a part at certain times.
  • Therefore, instead of worrying too much,
    you should just hold your head up high,
    and stand up to your opponent.
  • I believe in you.
  • Ah......

  • People tied down by needless worries,
    don't get any stronger.

  • (Kai said the same thing......
    and he's right.
    Nothing happens if I worry too much)
  • (Instead of worrying about the outcome,
    I should just do my best!)
  • Oh?
    Aichi looked really depressed just now.
    Seems like he snapped out of it?
  • Brother,
    I guess you're fired up too, huh?!
  • Hm, that's great.
    It's good to just enjoy the fight ahead.
  • (Just do my best)
  • (And,
    by gaining experience from my fights,
    I will become even stronger!!)
  • Thank you,
    Ninja Master!
    I will do my best in this fight against you!
  • That's the spirit, Aichi Sendou!!
    Prepare your deck!
  • It's always ready!
  • Ohh......
    that's what I'd like to hear!
    And so, shall we begin?
  • Yeah!
  • Stand up!
  • Vanguard!
  • ......
  • ......
  • ......I have been defeated.
  • And, I honorably accept that fact.
    You have broken my winning streak!
    So the winner is, Aichi Sendou!!
  • I'm really glad that we had a chance,
    to have a match today, Ninja Master.
  • Thanks to you,
    I came to a realization!
  • Wow, Aichi won!
  • It was pretty one-sided.
  • That's my Bro!
  • Hey, Kamui.
  • Over there, the guys watching from the sidelines......
  • Ahh!
  • What's wrong?
  • Huh, isn't that Miwa and Kai?
    Hey, Miwa, Kai!
  • Oh?
  • You guys are here too.
  • Were you watching the fight too?
  • I dragged this guy here,
    by promising to show him something.
  • Even for fights at a small venue like this,
    there's a surprising chance to meet
    powerful fighters.
  • Come on, if you were around,
    we could've just watched the fight together.
  • My bad,
    we didn't really notice.
  • You are really short.
  • What?! Say that again!!
  • I had lots of fun in that fight.
    Vanguard is truly the best......!
    Oh, sorry for......making you guys worry.
  • That was a good fight, Aichi.
  • Looks like you have cleared your head.
  • Manager......
  • Ha ha. It's clearly written on your face.
  • There are times,
    that you should stop worrying,
    and just go all out.
    Seems that this fight is one of those times.
  • Yes it was, thank you,
  • Ah,
    it was a good festival today.
  • Morikawa?
  • 'Coz I got to witness a
    Ninja Master M fight up close.
    Hey, Aichi! You feel it too, right?!
  • Huh? Uh, yeah.
  • I'm a big fan of the Ninja Master.
    So cool! It's fantastic!
  • I-I guess you could say that......
  • Everyone!
    There's going to be a fireworks display right after this.
  • Right, this way!
    This is the best spot to watch the fireworks!
  • Let's head over together, Misaki♪
  • Okay...... Watch you step,
  • Hey......
  • ......
  • You were watching the fight, right?
  • ......
    ......Miwa dragged me over.
  • Said that there could be a strong fighter,
    that I may want to challenge.
  • Y-Yah.
  • ......
    If that weren't true,
    I would have left immediately.
  • I-Is that so......
  • Huh?
  • But, Kai...
    You watch my entire fight......
  • That means......
  • Looks like the needless worries are gone.
  • Kai!
  • Guys!
    The fireworks are about to start!!
  • It's really pretty!
  • True.
  • Fireworks!!
  • It's really great,
    to have everyone watching the fireworks display together,
    isn't it?
  • Great, huh?
    It probably would have been better if we were in yukata.
  • Sounds good.
    Let's keep that in mind for next year's festival♪
  • Oh, Manager.
    Does that mean Card Capital will prepare our yukata
    next year? Then we'll leave it all to you.
  • Wait, what?!
  • The fireworks were really beautiful. Right, Kai?
  • That's true
  • ......
    (I had a lot of fun today)
  • Let's go to the festival,
    with everyone next year too.

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