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"Vanguard ZERO" new smartphone appeared!



“LINK JOKER Chapter” Added!


Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO!

The “LINK JOKER Chapter” finally arrives on NOV 1st 2020 PST!

Follow the next exciting chapter in Aichi’s adventure as he enters the Miyaji Academy, comes across new cards, and meets both friends and foes anew!

Don’t miss out on all the new exciting fights with ever more formidable opponents awaiting Aichi and his friends!

Brand New “LINK JOKER Chapter Story Content” Is Being Added!

New content is being added to the main story!

Chapter 32 RIDE:139 ~ Chapter 37 RIDE:161

In addition to exciting new story content,
the max Fighter’s Grade is being lifted from 60 to 65!

Moreover, you can unlock new home skins by progressing through the LINK JOKER Chapter!


The LINK JOKER Chapter Gacha “Triumphant Return of the King of Knights”

・The new clan Genesis is being added to Vanguard ZERO!
・”Liberator” cards are being newly added to the Gold Paladin selection!
・”Eradicator” cards are being newly added to the Narukami selection!
・New “Beast Deity” cards are being added to the Nova Grappler selection!

● Period-Limited Special Print Cards

The following special print card will be obtainable from the LINK JOKER Chapter Gacha “Triumphant Return of the King of Knights” during the period spanning from NOV 1st 2020 (Sun) PST to NOV 15th 2020 (Sun) PST!


ZERO Original Illustration
[Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom]

This card features a special illustration unique to Vanguard ZERO.

*Special print cards are treated the same as PR Cards.

*PR Cards are special cards that can be obtained via the Vanguard Medal or Vanguard Coupon Exchanges, or as Rank Fight season rewards.

*PR Cards cannot be crafted.

*PR Cards cannot be manually deconstructed for materials. The fifth PR card you obtain will automatically be deconstructed.

*The materials you obtain from automatically deconstructed PR Cards align with what materials you would receive from deconstructing cards of the same clan and rarity.

*PR Cards do not contribute to unlocking emblems.

● New Gacha Medals

Following maintenance on NOV 1st, “TEAM Q4 Medals” and “RIVALS Medals” will drop from “Fighters’ Gacha TEAM Q4” and “Fighters’ Gacha RIVALS” in addition to standard “Vanguard Medals”.

“TEAM Q4 Medals” and “RIVALS Medals” can be exchanged for RR and RRR cards that drop from their respective Gachas in the Item Exchange.

*SP Cards are not featured in these exchanges.

● Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha SIDE:DESTINY/SIDE:FATE

Following maintenance on NOV 1st, the Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha will be split into “Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha SIDE:DESTINY” and “Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha SIDE:FATE”.

Featured Clans

・Royal Paladin
・Oracle Think Tank
・Shadow Paladin
・Gold Paladin
・Nova Grappler
・Bermuda Triangle

Featured Clans

・Angel Feather
・Dimension Police
・Dark Irregulars
・Pale Moon
・Aqua Force
・Great Nature

New Character Fights Added

“Misaki Tokura (LINK JOKER Chapter)” is joining Character Fight!


This Character Fight features the new clan, Genesis!

*Character Fight “Misaki Tokura (LINK JOKER Chapter)” requires Fighter’s Grade 11 to unlock.

New Challenge Fights Added

Following maintenance on NOV 1st, the following decks will be added to Challenge Fight.

・”Gancelot Deck” Gold Paladin
・”Gauntlet Buster Deck” Narukami
・”Battle Deity of the Night, Artemis Deck” Genesis
・”Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Deck” Nova Grappler

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
Stand up and fight!