Vanguard ZERO

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New Character Fight Drop Campaign!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO!

We’ll be starting a new Character Fight Drop Campaign following maintenance on DEC 1st (PST)!

Campaign Details

During this campaign, the chances of getting clan-specific crafting materials will be increased to 100%!
Grab lots of crafting materials and strengthen your decks!

・Daily Target Characters

・Aichi Sendou
・Emi Sendou
・Kenji Mitsusada
・Chrono Shindou

・Misaki Tokura
・Leon Soryu

・Toshiki Kai
・Toshiki Kai (AC)
・Toshiki Kai (Я)
・Christopher Lo
・Shion Kiba

・Ren Suzugamori
・Asaka Narumi
・Tetsu Shinjou
・Mamoru Anjou

・Kamui Katsuragi
・Aichi Sendou (AC)
・Misaki Tokura (LJ)
・Kamui Katsuragi (G)

【Saturday ~ Sunday】

All Characters


*The amount of VP you receive will not change as a result of this campaign.

*Please be aware that if you start a fight during the campaign, but end the fight after the campaign is over, the fight will not be eligible for the rate increase.

*Campaign details may change at any time without prior notice.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always! Stand up and fight!