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New item, “G Skin Medal”, available!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

Following maintenance on December 1st, a new item, “G Skin Medal”, will be available for purchase!
“G Skin Medals” can be used to exchange for the fight skins of the new Vanguard G characters that will be added to the Exchange in the update on December 1st (Wed), 2021.

A special Gem Set will also be on sale at the same time!
The Once-Per-Month G Skin Medal Set comes with both Gems and a “G Skin Medal”!
Purchase of this set is limited to once a month.

*Purchase limits will be reset on the 1st of each month at 0:00 PST.

Availability Periods

 Sale Period: DEC 1st (Wed) 2021 following maintenance ~
 Exchange Period: DEC 1st (Wed) 2021 following maintenance ~

Contents and Pricing

■”G Skin Medal”


・”G Skin Medal”ⅹ1

■Once-Per-Month G Skin Medal Set


 ・1,500 Gems

 (1,375 Paid Gems + 125 Free Gems)

 ・”G Skin Medal”ⅹ1

Exchange Contents

Here are the fight skins you can get with your “G Skin Medals”! There will be lots more characters in the future, so look forward to them!

① Skin “Shion Kiba”
 *For use with “Royal Paladin”
② Skin “Mamoru Anjou”
 *For use with “Kagero”

*These exchanges are not time-limited.
*The G Skin Medal exchange lineup will be periodically updated, and you can continue to use any “G Skin Medals” on skins added in the future.

Required Items
Skin “Shion Kiba” G Skin Medalⅹ1
Skin “Mamoru Anjou” G Skin Medalⅹ1

How to Purchase

Tap “Purchase Items” in the Shop, and select the item you would like to purchase from the item purchase screen.

You can also navigate to the item purchase screen by tapping the “Limited-Time” tab at the top of the “Gems” or “Super Deck” Shop screens.

Important Notes

*”G Skin Medals” will be delivered directly to your account after purchase.

*Sale contents and times may change without prior notice.

*Characters from the original “Vanguard” series will still be available for exchange using “Vanguard Medals”, which were available from the Gachas implemented up to November 2021.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
Stand up and fight!