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"Vanguard ZERO" new smartphone appeared!



Vanguard ZERO welcomes the “Vanguard G” series!!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

Vanguard ZERO will be diving into the “Vanguard G” series on December 1st (Wed)!

Not only will “Card Capital two” be added as a new Home screen,
new ways to obtain and craft cards are also being implemented!

Plus, fights will be even more exciting with the new mechanic “Stride” and the addition of Grade 0 Triggers!

◆ Card Capital two is being added!
◆ A Gacha overhaul!
◆ New crafting materials!
◆ The new mechanic “Stride”!
◆ Grade 0 Trigger units are being added!
◆ Vanguard G story content scheduled to be added every month!
◆ Fighters’ Quests are being added!
◆ Vanguard G Character Fights and Character Story are being added!
◆ You’ll be able to take on other players in the Training Grounds!
◆ Vanguard G characters are being added to My Room!
◆ “Recommended Decks” will become “Monthly Deck Missions”!
◆ Various other changes


◆ Added Card Capital two!

“Card Capital two” from the Vanguard G series is being added to Vanguard ZERO!
You can choose the Home screen you prefer!

〇 What can you do in Card Capital two?

・Place your favorite characters on the Home, Fight, Shop, and Card screens!
・Customize the background!
・Change back to Card Capital one anytime you want!

*Live 2D is not supported for characters from the “Vanguard G” series.
*You can change the Home screen anytime, and the “Info”, event, and other buttons are shared between them.

◆ Gacha Overhaul!

The new Gachas starting from December 1st (Wed) have been overhauled!

〇 About the Gacha Overhaul
・With “G Series” Gachas, you can choose to reset after you obtain the cards you want!
・The amount of each card obtainable in a box is predetermined at the start.
・The remaining quantity will be displayed for each card. If there are none of a specific card left, then it will no longer drop from the current box.

*”Vanguard G” series Gachas will be playable with Gems and future set-specific Packs, such as “Generation Stride” Packs.

*The current “Gacha Tickets” (available November 2021 and earlier) can only be used on Gachas prior to the “Vanguard G” series.

◆ New Crafting Materials!

The new rarity “GR” is being added to Vanguard ZERO!
“GR crafting materials” are needed to craft “GR” rarity cards.

〇 About Crafting GR Cards
・GR crafting materials can be used for all clans!
・Getting more than 4 copies of the same card from the G series and beyond will automatically convert the extra copies into GR crafting materials!
・You can also get GR crafting materials through deconstruction!
・They can be converted into materials needed for crafting cards with the rarities RRR and below, such as “Crystals”, as well!

◆ New Mechanic “Stride”!

“Stride” has arrived!
You can activate “Stride” with “G units” in the “G zone”.
Experience a brand-new way to fight!

〇 About Stride
An ability indicated by an icon.
During or after the 4th turn of the fighter going first, or 3rd turn of the fighter going second, at
the ride phase, if there is 1 or more face down card in your G zone, you can discard cards from hand
with a total grade of 3 or more, and place a G unit with the Stride ability face up on your Vanguard.
When a G unit Strides, the original unit on the Vanguard circle becomes a heart card, and loses all
information except Power and Card Name.
The Vanguard in Stride has its own name, but also gets the names of all heart cards, and its power becomes a total of the G unit and 1 of the heart cards original power.
G unit returns to the G zone face up at the end of the turn. At this point, the heart card becomes
the new Vanguard.

◆ Grade 0 Trigger Units Are Being Added!

Grade 0 Trigger units are being added to Vanguard Zero!
Plus, one of them will be a “Heal” Trigger unit that can guard against your opponent’s attack!

〇 What Are Trigger Units?
・Grade 0 Trigger units from the G Series are here!
・You can have up to a total of 13 Triggers between Grade 3 cards and Grade 0 Trigger units.
・You cannot change the type of Trigger for Trigger units.

*4 copies of 2 G units that can be used by all clans and Heal Trigger units for all 24 clans will be distributed following the DEC 1st update.

◆ Vanguard G Story Content Is Scheduled to Be Added Every Month!

Starting this December, new Vanguard G story content will be released every month!
Don’t miss out on the fights between Chrono and his friends!

〇 About the Vanguard G Story
・Relive the story from the anime!
・Get rewards from clearing the story!
・A story completion “Early Reading” quest wiil be available in December! Get 200 Gems in addition to standard story clear rewards!

◆ New Fighters’ Quests Are Being Added!

Familiarize yourself with Vanguard G through these quests.

〇 About Fighters’ Quests
・Clear the quests to get rewards and increase your “G-GRADE”!
・You’ll also get rewards by increasing your G-GRADE!
・The quests can be changed!
・Up to 9 quests can appear each day!

*You can change the quests three times per day.
*There will be three quests per day. Stamina can be used to make more quests appear.

*”G-GRADE” is different from the existing “Fighter’s Grade” at Card Capital one.

◆ “Vanguard G” Character Fights and Character Stories Are Being Added!

You can get card crafting materials by fighting against the Vanguard G characters.
Plus, there will be an original story for each character.

〇 About Character Fights
・Get card crafting materials by fighting against Vanguard G characters!
・You can fight them by selecting “Character Fight” on the Card Capital two Home screen!
・New fighters will periodically be released!


〇 About Character Stories
・These will feature everyday life episodes for each character!
・You can get “Story Keys” as Character Fight drop rewards to unlock more Stories!

*There is a chance to obtain a “Story Key” in the drop rewards from each character’s respective Character Fight.

*You can use Gems to obtain Story Keys for any character on the Character Story screen.
*There will be no changes to the “Character Fights” in Card Capital one, and you can continue enjoying fights against characters from the original “Vanguard” series.

◆ You Can Fight Against Other Players in the Training Grounds!

You can match against other players using the “Training Groups” in the new Training Grounds.

〇 About Training Groups
・Added matches against other players!
・Get 500 VP when you win!

◆ Vanguard G Characters Are Being Added to My Room!

Vanguard G characters will be arriving in My Room!

〇 About My Room
・Chrono and his friends are coming!
・Fully-voiced character dialogue included!

◆ “Recommended Decks” Will Become “Monthly Deck Missions”!

“Recommended Decks” will be upgraded to “Monthly Deck Missions”.
Deck intro missions will appear every month—collect the cards for the specific deck to get rewards!

〇 About Monthly Deck Mission
・The “Recommended Decks” will be renewed with rewards included!
・A new deck intro mission will be released every month!
・Get rewards by obtaining cards for specific decks!

*The current Recommended Decks will no longer be updated, however, they will remain viewable.

◆ Other Various Changes

Here are some other changes that are coming!

・Updated Title Screen and Opening Voiced Lines
The title screen will be updated with Vanguard G content.
It will be Vanguard G only in December, but will alternate between Vanguard and Vanguard G at random starting in January.

・New Background Music
The BGM will change depending on which Card Capital you go to.
*Some of the BGM will be shared between the two Card Capitals.

・Changes to Naming Accompanying the Addition of Fighters’ Quests
“Missions” will now be referred to as “Quests”.
Daily Missions will change to Daily Quests.

・No Further Updates for Challenge Fights
The updates for these fights will end, but you can continue enjoying the currently available Challenge Fights.

・The End of Fighters’ Tournament
The Fighters’ Tournament will no longer be held, but you can continue to use V Coupons obtained from the tournament to exchange for items.
There will be other opportunities to receive V Coupons from other places, such as when reaching certain ranks.


We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
Stand up and fight!