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Brand New “Super Decks” Available!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

Brand new “Super Decks” will be available for purchase starting September 1st (Wed) 2021, following maintenance!
What’s more, by clearing certain one-time only limited missions, you can obtain a “Super Deck” that’s exactly the same as the ones in the Shop!
This is the time to supplement your decks by playing the Gacha and purchasing “Super Decks”, and enjoy the game to the fullest!
The available decks are listed below, so be sure to check them out!


Product Overview

■Purchase Availability Period
SEPT 1st 2021 (Wed) following maintenance ~

■How to Buy
You can buy “Super Decks” by going to the Shop > “Super Deck”

*Each deck includes 39 cards, not including an FV card.
*Each deck can be purchased up to two times per player.
*Any cards that exceed the limit will be sent to your Gift Box after your purchase.
*In order to use these decks, you will need to have unlocked the Deck Building screen to set them up.
*Furthermore, you will also need to have unlocked the “Super Deck’s” respective clan.

One-Time Only Missions Are Being Added to the Time-Limited Mission Screen!

In order to celebrate the addition of “Super Decks”, we’re adding a special one-time mission that grants a special “SD Medal” you can use to exchange for a “Super Deck” of your choice!
This is a great chance to strengthen existing decks or try out that clan you’ve been meaning to!

■Mission Availability Period
SEPT 1st 2021 (Wed) following maintenance ~

■Time-Limited Missions

Mission Clear Conditions Rewards
[One-Time Only / Super Deck Mission] Win 10 time(s) in Character Fight
Gacha Ticket×1
[One-Time Only / Super Deck Mission] Obtain 10000 VP
Gacha Ticket×1
[One-Time Only / Super Deck Mission] Use the Gacha 10 times (Event Gacha not allowed)
Gacha Ticket×1
[One-Time Only / Super Deck Mission] Complete 3 Super Deck Missions
SD Medal×1


Newcomer Gifts Are Getting an Update!

Following the update on September 1st (Wed), the rewards new players get will be changed to an “SD Medal”.
New players will be able to use this medal to get a “Super Deck” right off the bat, so it’s a great time to start the game.
Introduce your friends to Vanguard ZERO now so that they can take advantage of this awesome reward!

All 16 Super Decks Revealed!

“Royal Paladin”
Super Deck “Knight of Magic Jewels”


“Oracle Think Tank”
Super Deck “Battling Sisters”


“Shadow Paladin”
Super Deck “Revenger of Shadows”


“Gold Paladin”
Super Deck “Liberator of Light”


“Angel Feather”
Super Deck “Blue Wings of Healing”


Super Deck “Regalia’s Awakening”


Super Deck “Ancient Transcendence Dragon”


Super Deck “Eradicator’s Lightning”


“Nova Grappler”
Super Deck “Galaxy Warriors”


“Dimension Police”
Super Deck “Crimson Emperor”


“Link Joker”
Super Deck “Jest of Chaos”


“Dark Irregulars”
Super Deck “Demon of Ecstasy”


“Pale Moon”
Super Deck “Miracle Acrobatics”


“Bermuda Triangle”
Super Deck “Enchanting Diva”


“Aqua Force”
Super Deck “Blue Storm Void”


“Great Nature”
Super Deck “Brilliant Clutches”


We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
Stand up and fight!