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Introducing “Legion”!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

Cards with the “Legion” ability are being added to the game August 1st!

What is “Legion”?

How to Use the “Legion” Ability

Legion Q&A

Q: Can you form a Legion with cards returned to your deck as payment for the cost of activating “Legion”?


Q: Can you pay the cost of Legion without a Legion Mate card in either your deck or Drop Zone?

No, you cannot.

Q: Can you pay the cost of Legion again after already having activated Legion as a result of card effects?

No, you cannot.

Q: Are both units in Legion considered to be Vanguards?

Yes, they are.
When an ability that checks or refers to a Vanguard’s name and/or grade is activated, both units’ information will apply.

Q: Can you ride upon Vanguards in Legion?

Yes, as long as the grade of the unit you are riding with is the same or greater than the Legion Leader.
If you do ride upon Vanguards in Legion, both the Legion Leader and Legion Mate will be sent to your soul.

Q: What happens to the Power and abilities of Vanguards in Legion when boosted?

The Legion Leader’s Power will be increased only by the value of the unit it is being boosted by.
Any abilities of the unit that is boosting your Vanguard that activate when boosting another unit will only activate once.
Furthermore, any abilities of your Legion Mate and Legion Leader Vanguards that activate when boosted will proceed to activate.

Q: When a Vanguard in Legion’s attack hits, what happens to the damage and with relevant abilities?

Only damage corresponding to the Legion Leader’s Critical value will be dealt.
Any abilities of your Legion Leader or Leader Mate Vanguards will then activate.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
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