Vanguard ZERO

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Developer Announcement

Dear players,

It is probably past due time that we directly addressed some perceptions about Vanguard ZERO. We are aware that some players look to the Japanese version of the game to gauge what’s on the horizon for the Global version.While this is understandable, our goal is not just to mirror the Japanese version of the game after a delay. We want to create an on-going game experience that is optimized for the global audience for example expanding the reward ranking up to the top 3000, introducing Global-exclusive Black Friday, and the Christmas related campaigns.

To that end, content has been released at an accelerated pace to close the gap between Global and Japanese versions of the game. Just this month we pushed the Teams feature forward and prepared the updated Global Invasion Campaign to support it. We also have the Global-exclusive Lunar New Year Campaign coming up soon!

Consequently, this approach requires some events to be rearranged (like the Black Rings SP Gacha) while others were compressed or even skipped. We understand that this may disappoint some fans, but we want players to know that we don’t make these decisions lightly. Our priority is to try to create as fresh and exciting of an experience as possible.

With that said, while we can’t always respond publicly to all of your feedback, we do in fact read and appreciate your comments. We take them into consideration and you help us to create the best experience possible for all players. There’s a lot to look forward to and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Thank you all for playing.