Vanguard ZERO

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Grab [Kourin] and [Yuri Usui] Skin Sets While They’re Available!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

The skin sets “Kourin” and “Yuri Usui” will be available for a limited time in the Item Exchange!
Collect exchange item “Vanguard Medals” and grab these time limited skin sets while you can!

Exchange Period

Through MAY 31st (Sun) 23:59 PDT

Required Crafting Materials

Vanguard Medal x 200 per set

“Kourin” Set Details

・Fight Skin:[Kourin]


・Sleeve:[Fang of Light, Garmore]

・Title:[The knight of beasts is coming in!]

“Yuri Usui” Set Details

・Fight Skin:[Yuri Usui]
 (Usable Clans: Dimension Police, Oracle Think Tank)

・Sleeve:[Yuri Usui]

・Sleeve:[Enigman Storm]

・Title:[Take on the power of our mother galaxy!]


* Vanguard Medals can be acquired by playing the Fighters’ Gacha.
* These skin sets may be re-released at a later date.

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO!