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Clan Fight Challenge “Genesis” !

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.
The time-limited clan event Clan Fight Challenge [Genesis] will be held March 4th.

This is your chance to get new “Genesis” cards!
Be sure to grab all the rewards!

Event Period

MAR 4th 2022 (Fri) 19:00 PST till MAR 11th (Fri) 23:59 PST
*The event exchange will be available until MAR 14th (Mon) 23:59 PDT.


Event Exchange

You can exchange Genesis Medals for [Mythical Destroyer Beast, Vanargandr], as well as other awesome “Genesis” cards and items, in the Clan Medal Exchange!


*The SP version of each card (except for FV cards) will be available after all copies of the standard version have been exchanged for.

*You can also exchange for FV cards in the Fighters Medal Exchange after the event.
*The SP version of the FV cards can only be obtained from the Clan Medal Exchange from this event.


Mission Rewards

You can get Packs, the event-exclusive sleeve [Mythic Beast, Fenrir], and Skip Tickets by clearing event-exclusive missions!
This sleeve is extra limited, so make sure you don’t miss out!!


Ranking Rewards

Rank 1st to 1000th event-exclusive titles!

Obtain enough CP to climb the ranking, and you can get Packs, an event-exclusive title, and Skip Tickets (also usable in the next event)!!


A New Skin Is Getting Added to the G Skin Medal Exchange!!

The following new skin will be available in the G Skin Medal Exchange starting March 4th!

Skin Clan Items Required
Shouma Shinonome
G Skin Medal ~1

*You can buy G Skin Medals by tapping the “Purchase Items” button from the Shop screen.


Shouma Shinonome Joins the Character Fight Roster!!

You can fight against Shouma Shinonome in Character Fight starting March 4th!
Be sure to check out his original story as well!

*Shouma Shinonome will remain available to challenge in Character Fight after the event.


How to Play

You can visit the event screen by tapping the event banner from the Home screen.

Use Boost Skins for a 1.5x Bonus!!

Get 1.5 times the CP and Genesis Medals when you win fights using the Boost Skin!
The Boost Skin changes daily, so be sure to check the event screen before you fight.

Check out the Boost Skins for this event!

*You can exchange for Boost Skins in the Exchange.
*Only Boost Skins whose names match those in the list will be eligible for the bonus.
Even if the Boost Skin is of the same character, it will not count towards receiving the bonus if the name is different.


How to Get the Event Rewards

♦ Fight Drop Rewards

You can get Genesis Medals and CP by winning event fights.

♦ Event Exchange

You can exchange Genesis Medals for new “Genesis” cards,
event-exclusive sleeves and Packs in the Clan Medal Exchange!

♦ Mission Rewards

You can get a variety of rewards by clearing event-exclusive missions.

♦ Ranking Rewards

You can get an event-exclusive title and Packs depending on your total CP obtained from winning event fights.


*This event may return at a later date.
*These event-exclusive cards may become available again at a later date.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always! Stand up and fight!