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Announcing the Box Gacha “Fighters Collection”!

Announcing the Box Gacha “Fighters Collection”!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO!

The Box Gacha “Fighters Collection” will be available for a limited time starting February 1st, 2022!
This Box Gacha will include G unit cards from all 24 clans!

Furthermore, the Fighters Collection Box Gacha will only contain cards of RR rarity and above!

Following the “Vanguard G” series major update, new Gachas will be Box Gachas!
Box Gachas include predetermined cards, and you are able to reset after obtaining the cards you want, allowing for a more efficient way to build your decks!

*The “Fighters Collection” will include brand new cards as well as cards from previously released Box Gachas.
Bring your decks to new heights with these powerful cards!

Availability Period

Availability Period: FEB 1st 2022 (Tue) following maintenance ~ FEB 28th 2022 (Mon) 23:59 PST


400 Gems


*For further details on Box Gachas, please tap “Gacha Details” from the Box Gacha at the Gacha screen in the Shop.

*The number of packs and cards in the Box Gacha are predetermined.

*The number of packs and cards available in the Box Gacha decrease each time you open a pack.

*Regarding card drop rates: One pack includes 6 cards. Out of those 6 cards, 5 will be RR rarity, and the last card will be RRR rarity or higher. Furthermore, the drop rate is uniform for each given target rarity among RR rarity or higher cards remaining in the Box Gacha.

*The number of remaining packs in the Box Gacha will revert to their initial state when either all of the cards have already dropped or by resetting the box manually.

*Please be aware that you can only reset after you open at least one pack, however, you cannot return to the previous box after you reset.

*”Fighters Collection” cards can be crafted normally.

*Cards previously released will be the same cards as those released in previous boxes and events.

*Some cards in this Box Gacha will also be obtainable from the “Sovereign Star Dragon” Box Gacha.

*Cards released in advance from this Box Gacha will also be obtainable from future Box Gachas and events.

*After opening a pack, any cards that surpass the card limit will be automatically deconstructed into GR crafting materials and sent directly to your items.

*Each card has a 10% chance for its SP version to drop.

*Vanguard Medals will not drop from this Box Gacha.

*The “Fighters Collection” Box Gacha may return in the future.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
Stand up and fight!