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1.5th Anniversary Medal Gachas Are Available!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

◆1.5th Anniversary Medal Gachas Are Available!

From October 1st, “1.5th Anniversary Medals” will drop from all Gachas!
“1.5th Anniversary Medals” are special medals used to exchange for RR & RRR cards released until the Link Joker Arc, as well as mini character sleeves!
*Event-Exclusive Ticket Gachas are not included.

Boost Cards

A portion of the new cards available from this Gacha will also be featured as special “Boost Cards” you can use to increase the points you obtain in the [Imaginary Tower] event starting October 1st!

*Boost Cards will differ based on the date during the event.
*Please see “How to Play” for more details on the [Imaginary Tower] event.

■Exchange Details

Exchanged Item Required Medals
RRR 1.5th Anniversary Medals ×50
RR 1.5th Anniversary Medals ×15
Mini Character Sleeve 1.5th Anniversary Medals ×15

〇 Mini Character Sleeves

Introducing some of the exchangeable mini character sleeves!
There are a total of 26 mini character sleeves! Be sure to exchange for these cute sleeves♪
*Mini character sleeves may return at a later date.


Availability Period

Gacha Availability Period: OCT 1st (Fri) following maintenance ~ OCT 31st (Sun) 23:59 PDT
Exchange Availability Period: OCT 1st (Fri) following maintenance ~ NOV 30th (Tue) 23:59 PDT


*Any “1.5th Anniversary Medals” you possess are only valid until November 30th (Tue) 23:59 PDT, and “1.5th Anniversary Medals” held beyond that time will be automatically converted into Vanguard Medals and delivered to your Gift Box.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
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