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New Clan Event “Heinous Stacking! Kishida’s Villainy”

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.
The time-limited clan event
[Heinous Stacking! Kishida’s Villainy]
will be held during the following period.

Not only is this your chance to get “Megacolony” cards,
but there is also tons of event-exclusive furniture available as well!
Be sure to grab all the rewards!

This event features both a Revival Gacha and a New Selection Gacha!

♦ This is your chance to get new “Megacolony” cards!

You can grab powerful cards like [Machining Spark Hercules] and [Machining Warsickle] by playing the Gacha on the event screen.

♦ Last event’s Gacha is also available!

The Gacha from the last “Megacolony” event, [Attack of the Megacolony!], is back and playable from the event screen♪


Event Period

JUN 16th 2021 (Wed) 19:00 PDT ` JUN 25th (Fri) 23:59 PDT
*The event exchange will be available until JUN 28th (Mon) 23:59 PDT.

How to Play

You can visit the event screen by tapping the “Clan Event” button or event banner from the Home screen.
This event requires Fighter’s Grade 8 or above.

How to get the Event Rewards

◇ Fight Drop Rewards

You can get “Glasses”, “Megacolony Coins”, and RRR crafting materials by winning event fights.

◇ Fight Mission Rewards

You can get “Glasses” and “Megacolony Coins” by clearing event fight missions.

◇ Mission Rewards

You can get a variety of rewards by clearing event-exclusive missions.

◇ Play in event-exclusive Gachas

You can play the Event Gachas with “Glasses”.

◇ Trade rewards at the event exchange

You can exchange “Megacolony Coins” for event-exclusive furniture in the Item Exchange.


*Clan events may return at a later date.
*These event-exclusive cards may become available again at a later date.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always! Stand up and fight!