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Vanguard ZERO 1st Anniversary!!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

Vanguard ZERO is celebrating its 1st Anniversary in April!
Enjoy the game to its fullest with all the 1st Anniversary campaign bonuses!

◆Anniversary Gacha Will Be Available!
◆Newcomer & Welcome Back Campaigns to Be Held!
◆Two Types of Fight Weeks to Be Held!
◆Friend Fight Week to Be Held!
◆Rank Fight Week to Be Held!

◆Anniversary Gacha Will Be Available!

Two types of Gachas, the “Anniversary Gacha [Aichi]” and the “Anniversary Gacha [Kai]”, will be available!

These 2 Gachas will have a different lineup, each featuring a special selection of cards from each Clan.
In addition, you will receive 1 “Anniversary Medal” for each play of either Gacha.

〇 Featured Clans

Anniversary Gacha [Aichi]
“Royal Paladin”
“Oracle Think Tank”
“Angel Feather”
“Shadow Paladin”
“Gold Paladin”
“Pale Moon”
“Bermuda Triangle”


Anniversary Gacha [Kai]
“Nova Grappler”
“Dimension Police”
“Link Joker”
“Dark Irregulars”
“Aqua Force”
“Great Nature”

These 2 Gachas can be played with “Anniversary Gacha Tickets”, so make sure to collect plenty of them from missions and login bonuses!

〇 Anniversary Gacha Ticket

*The “Anniversary Gacha Ticket” is a Gacha-specific ticket which can only be used to play the Anniversary Gachas.
*For further details on the Gachas and their drop rates, please tap “Gacha Details” and “Rate” from the Gacha screen in the Shop.
*1 “Anniversary Medal” is distributed for each play of the “Anniversary Gacha [Aichi]” or the “Anniversary Gacha [Kai]”.

■Exchange Anniversary Medals For Cards!

As part of the 1st Anniversary celebration, “Anniversary Medals” will be available as drop rewards in certain Gachas!

You can exchange “Anniversary Medals” for RR & RRR cards that drop from the following Gachas:
“Catastrophic Outbreak”, “Divine Dragon Progression”, “Binding Force of the Black Rings”, “Seal Dragons Unleashed”, “Dazzling Divas”, “Triumphant Return of the King of Knights”, “Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha SIDE:DESTINY”, “Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha SIDE:FATE”, “Fighters’ Gacha TEAM Q4”, and “Fighters’ Gacha RIVALS”.

This is the perfect chance to grab your favorite cards and complete your decks!

■Exchange Details

Exchanged Card Required Medals
RRR Anniversary Medals x50
RR Anniversary Medals x15

*”Anniversary Medals” are only valid until MAY 31st 2021 (Mon) 23:59 PDT, and any such medals held beyond that time will be automatically converted into Vanguard Medals and delivered to your Gift Box.

◆Newcomer & Welcome Back Campaigns to Be Held!

We are gifting 50 Gacha Tickets to players who are newly starting the game and to players who have been taking a break for a while!
Make use of these Gacha Tickets and grab tons of new cards!

〇 Campaign Period
APR 1st (Thu) following maintenance ~ APR 30th 2021 (Fri) PDT

〇 Eligible Players
・Newcomer Campaign: Players who created their account after maintenance on APR 1st 2021 (Thu).
・Welcome Back Campaign: Existing players who have not logged in since JAN 1st 2021 (Fri) 0:00 PST.

◆Two Types of Fight Weeks to Be Held!

Two types of Fight Weeks will be held in celebration of the 1st Anniversary!
Play to your heart’s content in different fight modes and earn various rewards!


◆Friend Fight Week

〇 Friend Badge

You can obtain “Friend Badges” by completing time-limited Friend Fight missions during the campaign!

“Friend Badges” can then be exchanged for special items at the Exchange Shop!

○ Exchange Details

“Friend Badges” obtained from missions can be exchanged for the following items.

Required Items Exchange Lineup
Friend Badges x5
Aichi Sendou
[1st Anniversary] x1
Friend Badges x5
Toshiki Kai
[1st Anniversary] x1
Friend Badges x5
[1st Anniversary] x1
Friend Badge x1
Anniversary Gacha Ticket x1

*You can only exchange for a maximum of 10 “Anniversary Gacha Tickets” from this Exchange.



〇 Special Login Bonus

We have prepared a super special login bonus for all players during the Friend Fight Week!
In addition to a total of 25 “Anniversary Gacha Tickets”, you’ll also receive a [Blaster Blade] and a [Dragonic Overlord] card featuring unique illustrations in commemoration of the 1st Anniversary!
Make sure to log in and grab these special gifts!

Day Rewards
Day 1
Blaster Blade x1
Day 2
Anniversary Gacha Tickets x10
Day 3
Dragonic Overlord x1
Day 4
Anniversary Gacha Tickets x5
Day 5
Anniversary Gacha Tickets x10

[Exclusive Cards]

◆Rank Fight Week

Let’s Hit 1 Million Fights!

If all players combined are able to engage in a total of one million rank fights,
we’ll send out 50 “Anniversary Medals” (1 RRR card worth) to everyone’s Gift Box!
This mission can be cleared through everyone’s combined efforts,
so be sure to take on other fighters in Rank Fights every day!

*This notice will be updated to reflect progress on this achievement.

Earn x1.5 Rank Points During the Campaign!

Winning Rank Fights will earn you x1.5 Rank Points during the campaign period!
Use this opportunity to play in Rank Fights and reach LEGEND Rank!

Players that have already reached LEGEND Rank will still receive increased Rank Points!
Aim for Season Rewards and continue to enjoy Rank Fights!

〇 Anniversary Charm

You can obtain “Anniversary Charms” by completing time-limited Rank Fight missions during the campaign!
“Anniversary Charms” can then be exchanged for special items at the Exchange Shop!

○ Exchange Details

“Anniversary Charms” obtained from Rank Fights and missions can be exchanged for the following items.

Required Items Exchange Lineup
Anniversary Charm x1
Anniversary Medal x1
Anniversary Charms x10
Sleeve: Blaster Blade [1st Anniversary]
Anniversary Charms x10
Sleeve: Dragonic Overlord [1st Anniversary]
Anniversary Charms x10
Title: [1st Anniversary (Aichi Sendou)]
Anniversary Charms x10
Title: [1st Anniversary (Toshiki Kai)]

*You can only exchange for a maximum of 50 “Anniversary Medals” from this Exchange.

[Exclusive Sleeves]



〇 Special Login Bonus

A special login bonus is also available during the Rank Fight Week!
You will receive the following items as login bonus rewards by logging in each day.

Day Rewards
Day 1
Anniversary Charms x5
Day 2
Anniversary Charms x5
Day 3
Anniversary Charms x5
Day 4
Anniversary Charms x5
Day 5
Anniversary Charms x5
Day 6
Anniversary Charms x5

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!

Stand up and fight!