Vanguard ZERO

"Vanguard ZERO" new smartphone appeared!



1st Anniversary of Vanguard ZERO.

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.
In celebration of the 1st Anniversary of Vanguard ZERO,
the special event “1st Anniversary Я” will be starting APR 1st 2021!

Earn 1 entry ticket per day to take on the special fight and win items to exchange for RRR rarity Я units.
We expect you to gain even more strength as a “Я” Fighter!

Event Period

APR 1st 2021 (Thu) following maintenance ~ ???

How to Play

You can visit the event screen by tapping the “Event” button from the Home screen.

①Get Entry Tickets!

You can earn 1 entry ticket per day by winning one of the eligible fights 2 times and use the entry ticket to take on a special fight.

Eligible Fights: Training Grounds or Rank Fight

*Entry tickets can be earned by playing even only one of these modes.

②Seize Victory in the Special Fight!

You can take on the event fighter once you obtain an entry ticket.

Beat the event fighter to gather “Kai’s Seals”!

③Exchange for Special Items!

You can obtain “Kai’s Seals” by winning the special fights and clearing event-exclusive missions.

“Kai’s Seals” can then be exchanged for special items at the Exchange Shop.

④Earn Я Medals and Get RRR rarity Я units!

“Я Medals” can be exchanged for an RRR rarity Я unit.

Gather heaps of “Kai’s Seals” and exchange them for “Я Medals”!

*Victory count is reset at 5:00 AM PDT every day.

We hope you enjoy the “Link Joker” invasion!
It’s up to you to stand up and fight!