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Toshiki Kai Selection!

The second “Binding Force of the Black Rings” character selection Gacha will be available starting FEB 21st!

Two selection Gachas will be available in total, each featuring Shadow Paladin and Link Joker cards from the latest “Binding Force of the Black Rings” Gacha!

Featuring higher drop rates for pickup clans, it’s your best chance to put together powerful decks for each of the featured characters to use!
Don’t miss this opportunity to build formidable new decks!

Availability Periods

 ・Shadow Paladin Pickup
Ren Suzugamori Selection Gacha
FEB 18th (Thu) 0:00 PST following maintenance ~ FEB 20th (Sat) 23:59 PST

 ・Link Joker Pickup
Toshiki Kai Selection Gacha

  FEB 21st (Sun) 0:00 PST ~ FEB 23th (Tue) 23:59 PST

Pickup Details

Toshiki Kai Selection Gacha
Link Joker Pickup Selection

Card Name
RRR Star-vader, Nebula Lord Dragon
Schwarzschild Dragon
Star-vader, Infinite Zero Dragon
RR Barrier Star-vader, Promethium
Gravity Collapse Dragon
Knight of Entropy
Paradise Elk
Star-vader, Mobius Breath Dragon
R Schrodinger’s Lion
Opener of Dark Gates
Furious Claw Star-vader, Niobium
Singularity Sniper
Gravity Ball Dragon
Demon Claw Star-vader, Lanthanum
Devastation Star-vader, Tungsten
Strike Star-vader, Krypton
C Catastrophstinger
Gamma Burst Fenrir
Le Maul
Strafing Star-vader, Ruthenium
Paradox Nail Fenrir
Asteroid Belt Lady Gunner
Negligible Hydra
Imaginary Orthos
Twilight Baron
Hollow Twin Blades, Binary Star


*The above list is of pickup target cards; cards from clans other than Link Joker may also drop from the Gacha.



*For further details on Gacha details and rates, please tap “Gacha Details” and “Rate” from the Gacha screen in the Shop.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
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