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Collaborationevent with Hololive’s “Sakura Miko”!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO!

Vanguard ZERO is holding a special collaboration event with Hololive’s “Sakura Miko”!

Log in during the event to get 4 of the event-limited card [Elite Miko VTuber Sakura Miko]!
Don’t forget to log in so that this special card can be yours!

Moreover, you can get event-limited rewards by contributing “Zenny” to the offering box in ZERO’s Sakura Shrine!
Max out the offering box (99999 Zenny) for amazing rewards!

Event Period

FEB 18th (Thu) 0:00 ~ FEB 27th (Sat) 23:59 PST

How to Obtain Event Rewards

〇 Collaboration Mission Rewards
Take on the Hololive collaboration missions that reset every day at the event page!
You can obtain 3535 “Zenny” each time you complete a mission!

〇 Contribute “Zenny” to ZERO’s Sakura Shrine
Offer all your “Zenny” to Sakura Shrine by the end of the event!
The rewards you can get after the event depend on how much “Zenny” you offered to the Shrine.

【Event-Limited Card】




〇 Rewards

Rewards Total No. of “Zenny” Offered
Emblem ×1
10035 Zenny
Sleeve ×1
20035 Zenny
Title ×1
40035 Zenny
SP Card ×2
70035 Zenny
SP Card ×2
99999 Zenny

*Each of the rewards will be distributed at a later date after the event period ends.


〇 Missions

Rewards Mission Details
Zenny ×3535
【Collab Daily】Play Friend Fight 1 time
Zenny ×3535
【Collab Daily】Play Rank Fight 1 time
Zenny ×3535
【Collab Daily】Obtain 30000 VP
Zenny ×3535
【Collab Daily】Obtain 50000 VP

*For details on how to play missions, visit the collaboration mission page.

■Who is “Sakura Miko”?

“Nya-hello! It’s Sakura Miko!”

She has been working on religious services really hard as a miko in the computer world.
With the revelation of the gods, she is now visiting Japan.
While performing her errand, she has now decided to become and work hard as a virtual miko idol.

What is “Hololive Production”?

Hololive Production is a Japanese Vtuber talent agency featuring incredible stars that drive fans around the world crazy.
It has a total of roughly 10 million fans on YouTube, 10 million on Bilibili, and is popular not only in Japan but in China as well.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
Stand up and fight!

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