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February’s Tournament Schedule!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

February’s tournament schedule is as follows.
(Tournaments are generally held every weekend.)

◆The first entry into the Fighter’s Tournament is free each day it is available! Participate and get exclusive tournament rewards!

February Week 1: <Champion’s Tournament>
・FEB 5th (Fri) 19:00 PST ~ FEB 8th (Mon) 4:59 PST
  *The Champion’s Tournament is held over the course of 3 days.

February Week 2: <Fighter’s Tournament>
・FEB 12th (Fri) 19:00 PST ~ FEB 13th (Sat) 4:59 PST
・FEB 13th (Sat) 5:00 PST ~ FEB 14th (Sun) 4:59 PST
・FEB 14th (Sun) 5:00 PST ~ FEB 15th (Mon) 4:59 PST

February Week 3: <Fighter’s Tournament>
・FEB 19th (Fri) 19:00 PST ~ FEB 20th (Sat) 4:59 PST
・FEB 20th (Sat) 5:00 PST ~ FEB 21st (Sun) 4:59 PST
・FEB 21st (Sun) 5:00 PST ~ FEB 22nd (Mon) 4:59 PST

February Week 4: <Fighter’s Tournament>
・FEB 26th (Fri) 19:00 PST ~ FEB 27th (Sat) 4:59 PST
・FEB 27th (Sat) 5:00 PST ~ FEB 28th (Sun) 4:59 PST
・FEB 28th (Sun) 5:00 PST ~ MAR 1st (Mon) 4:59 PST

*Due to maintenance, the Tournament will be unavailable during the following period.
・FEB 28th (Sun) 23:30 PST ~ MAR 1st (Mon) 2:59 PST.
(The start and/or end time of maintenance may be adjusted without prior notice.)


*Please be aware that if you enter into the Fighters’ Tournament and do not achieve victory by 4:59 PST, it will be treated as a loss.

*If you enter into the Champions’ Tournament and do not achieve victory by 4:59 PST on the final day of the tournament period, it will be treated as a loss.

You can visit the Tournament screen by tapping the “Tournament” button on the Fight screen.

Take part in tournaments and win fights to get “Vanguard Coupons”!
You can exchange “Vanguard Coupons” for cards with tournament-exclusive illustrations in the Item Exchange.
New cards and sleeves will be added to the exchange lineup FEB 1st.





*Free entry into the Fighters’ Tournament resets each day at 5:00 AM (PST).

*The Fighters’ Tournament can only be entered into a total of 5 times each day. (The period from Friday 19:00 PST to Saturday 4:59 PST is treated as a single day.)

*There are no restrictions on the number of times you may enter into the Champions’ Tournament. However, entry into the tournament requires 1 “Championship Invitation”.

*If the tournament period ends during your entry, you will receive your rewards for your wins up until that point and the tournament will end.

*Tournament details are subject to change without prior notice.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always! Stand up and fight!