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“Seal Dragons Unleashed” Genesis Pickup Gacha!

The final “Seal Dragons Unleashed” character selection Gacha will be available starting JAN 23rd!

In order to give players the boost they need to put together powerful decks for each of the featured characters to use, character selection Gachas featuring higher drop rates for pickup clans and a selection of popular past cards will be available during the following periods! Don’t miss this opportunity to build formidable new decks!

Availability Periods

 ・Kagero Pickup
Kai & Miwa Selection Gacha
JAN 8th(Fri)0:00 PST ~ JAN 12th(Tue)23:59 PST

 ・Narukami Pickup
Kai & Naoki Selection Gacha
JAN 13th(Wed)0:00 PST ~ JAN 17th(Sun)23:59 PST

 ・Aqua Force Pickup
Leon Selection Gacha
JAN 18th(Mon)0:00 PST ~ JAN 22nd(Fri)23:59 PST

 ・Genesis Pickup
Misaki Selection Gacha

  JAN 23rd(Sat)0:00 PST ~ JAN 27th(Wed)23:59 PST

Pickup Details

Misaki Selection Gacha
Genesis Pickup Selection

Card Name
RRR Goddess of Good Luck, Fortuna
Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu
Witch of Ravens, Chamomile ★
Battle Deity of the Night, Artemis ★
Eternal Goddess, Iwanagahime ★
RR Wisdom Keeper, Metis
Witch of Oranges, Valencia
Witch of Frogs, Melissa ★
Battle Maiden, Mizuha ★
Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada ★
Twilight Hunter, Artemis ★
R Witch of Grapes, Grappa
Crimson Witch, Radish
Battle Maiden, Sahohime ★
Bowstring of Heaven and Earth, Artemis ★
Witch of Cats, Cumin ★
C Myth Guard, Antares
Clever Jake
Battle Maiden, Kayanarumi
Pineapple Law ★
Battle Maiden, Izunahime ★
Battle Maiden, Mihikarihime ★


*The “★” signifies featured pickup cards that do not drop from the standard “Seal Dragons Unleashed” Gacha.

*The above list is of pickup target cards; cards from clans other than Genesis may also drop from the Gacha.



*For further details on Gacha details and rates, please tap “Gacha Details” and “Rate” from the Gacha screen in the Shop.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
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