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Vanguard ZERO Half Anniversary Event!

Current total Rank Fights up to SEPT 29th 4:59 PDT (counts from OCT 1st after maintenance)

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO.

OCT 9th is the half anniversary of Vanguard ZERO’s global release,
and we’ll be holding a Half Anniversary Event to celebrate!

A total of 75 Gacha Tickets can potentially be obtained during the event,
which players can receive from login bonuses also featuring special sleeves,
as well as event-limited missions, including one requiring the combined efforts of all fighters!
What’s more, “Premium Vanguard Medals” you can exchange for specific RR and RRR cards of your choosing are also back for a limited time!
Login every day to maximize your rewards!

See below for further event details.

Event Period

OCT 1st 2020 (Thu) ~ OCT 15th (Thu) 23:59 PDT

Gacha Ticket Presents

Players can potentially obtain as many as 75 Gacha Tickets during the Half Anniversary Event!

〇 Via Presents … Max 10 Tickets
1,000,000 Fights Achieved! – Gacha Ticket × 10

*Tickets to be distributed after mission conditions are met.

〇 Period-Limited Login Bonuses … Max 50 Tickets
・Gacha Ticket × 5 (7 days max)
・Gacha Ticket × 15 (combined from the two-day login bonus)

〇 Period-Limited Daily Missions … Max 15 Tickets
・Gacha Ticket × 1 (15 days max)

Login Bonus Details

【Login Bonus Rewards】
Day Rewards
Day 1 Gacha Ticket × 5
Day 2 Gacha Ticket × 5
Day 3 Gacha Ticket × 5
Day 4 Gacha Ticket × 5
Day 5 Gacha Ticket × 5
Day 6 Gacha Ticket × 5
Day 7 Gacha Ticket × 5

*Available OCT 1st 2020 (Thu) 0:00 PDT ~ OCT 15th (Thu) 23:59 PDT

Time-Limited Missions

【Event-Exclusive Sleeve】

<Mission Details>
〇Time-Limited Missions
①Obtain 100000 VP
②Obtain 200000 VP
③Obtain 300000 VP
〇Time-Limited Daily Missions
④Play Friend Fight 1 time
⑤Play Character Fight 1 time
⑥Play Rank Fight 1 time
⑦Clear 3 of the [Half Anniversary] daily missions

①Emblem: [Half Anniversary]
②Title: [Half Anniversary]
③Sleeve: [Half Anniversary]
④Gacha Ticket Exchange Voucher × 2
⑤Gacha Ticket Exchange Voucher × 1
⑥Gem × 10
⑦Gacha Ticket × 1

*The time-limited daily missions are set to reset at 5:00 PDT each day during the event period.
*Missions ④⑤ and ⑥ are time-limited daily missions. These missions are the target missions for mission ⑦.

Let’s Hit 1 Million Fights!

If all players combined are able to engage in a total of one million rank fights,
we’ll send out 10 Gacha Tickets to everyone’s Gift Box!
This mission can cleared through everyone’s combined efforts,
so be sure to take on other fighters in Rank Fights every day!

*This notice will be updated to reflect progress on this achievement.

Premium Vanguard Medals Are Back!

Each time you pull the Gacha during the Half Anniversary Event, you’ll receive a “Premium Vanguard Medal” in place of the standard “Vanguard Medal”!
You can exchange the Premium Vanguard Medals you obtain for RRR and RR Cards that drop from the “Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha”, “Fighters’ Gacha TEAM Q4”, and “Fighters’ Gacha RIVALS”, as well as Gacha Ticket Exchange Vouchers from a special time-limited exchange!
Don’t miss this chance to strengthen your decks!


*Premium Vanguard Medals can be obtained regardless of whether you play a Gacha via Paid Gems, Free Gems, or Gacha Tickets.

*You will receive 10 Premium Vanguard Medals from playing a Gacha ten-times consecutively.

*Premium Vanguard Medals will be delivered to your Gift Box.

*The Premium Vanguard Medal exchange is available until OCT 18th (Sun) 23:59 PDT.

*When the exchange period for Premium Vanguard Medals is over, Premium Vanguard Medals will automatically be converted into standard Vanguard Medals.

*When Premium Vanguard Medals are automatically converted into Vanguard Medals, in the instance that the combined number exceeds the max limit, Vanguard Medals exceeding said max limit will be lost.

Announcing a “3-Time-Limited 400 Paid Gem Consecutive 10-Play Gacha ~Clash of the Knights & Dragons~”!

This special consecutive 10-play Gacha that can be played with just 400 Paid Gems!
You’ll also get Premium Vanguard Medals by playing this Gacha, which will grant 10 with each play.

*For further details on this Gacha and its drop rates, please tap “Gacha Details” and “Rate” from the Gacha screen in the Shop.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
Stand up and fight!