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Clan Pickup Gacha Events


Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO!

Starting August 10th, special “Clan Pickup Gachas” will be held for the following clans!
Grab these awesome cards during their pickup period and complete your decks!

Pickup Period

 〇 Clan Pickup Gachas

 ● Pale Moon
AUG 10th(Mon)0:00 PDT ~ AUG 12th(Wed)23:59 PDT

 ● Dark Irregulars
AUG 13th(Thu)0:00 PDT ~ AUG 15th(Sat)23:59 PDT

 ● Gold Paladin
AUG 16th(Sun)0:00 PDT ~ AUG 18th(Tue)23:59 PDT

 ● Narukami
AUG 19th(Wed)0:00 PDT ~ AUG 21st(Fri)23:59 PDT

 ● Nova Grappler
AUG 22nd(Sat)0:00 PDT ~ AUG 24th(Mon)23:59 PDT

 ● Oracle Think Tank
AUG 25th(Tue)0:00 PDT ~ AUG 27th(Thu)23:59 PDT

Pickup RRR Cards

 ● Pale Moon
・Nightmare Doll, Alice
・Purple Trapezist
・Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier
・Dreamy Fortress

 ● Dark Irregulars
・Edel Rose
・No Life King, Death Anchor
・Blade Wing Reijy
・Demon Chariot of the Witching Hour

 ● Gold Paladin
・Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel
・Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane
・White Hare in the Moon’s Shadow, Pellinore
・Spectral Duke Dragon

 ● Narukami
・Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
・Sealed Demon Dragon, Dungaree
・Vajra Emperor, Indra

 ● Nova Grappler
・Asura Kaiser
・Brutal Jack
・Ultimate Lifeform, Cosmo Lord
・Perfect Raizer
・Beast Deity, Azure Dragon
・Infinite Corrosion Form, Death Army Cosmo Lord

 ● Oracle Think Tank
・CEO Amaterasu
・Battle Sister, Cocoa
・Silent Tom
・Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi
・Scarlet Witch, CoCo
・Battle Sister, Fromage


*For further details on gacha details and rates, please tap “Gacha Details” and “Rate” from the Gacha screen in the Shop.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
Stand up and fight!