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Introducing “Vanguard ZERO 2020 Championships!”

Attention all players!
Announcing “Bushi Summer Fes. Championships!”
And introducing our “Vanguard ZERO 2020 Championships!”
ー ✕ ー
The Vanguard ZERO 2020 Championships is a special Vanguard ZERO Tournament with several methods for fighters to earn an invitation to the Finals on July 25th 2020!
Pro-Play games will be hosting their Vanguard ZERO season from now until July 19th and Winners from each tournament will receive a special invite to the Championship Tournament Finals!
The link for how and when to enter is below:
Also during the rank season of July 1st – July 15th for Vanguard ZERO, the Top 12 Ranked Fighters will be invited to participate in the Championship Finals!
A form will be posted at a later date for fighters to check in.
It’s time to grind and get ready players! Do you think you have what it takes to get to the top!?
Within this tournament you may have a chance to match up against content creators such as: Different Fight, Vanguard Insider, Card Protagonist, and more !!!
And it doesn’t stop there! The top players in the championship finals will receive the following prizes:
1st place 20000 gems + 1st place title
2nd place 10000 gems + 2nd place title
3rd place 5000 gems + 3rd place title
4th place 3000 gems + 4th place title
5-8th 2000 gems
*All qualifying finalists will receive special in game sleeves exclusive to the event!*
Now is the time to see what you are truly made of! Stand Up, Vanguard!
If you have any questions, please email us at: