Vanguard ZERO

"Vanguard ZERO" new smartphone appeared!



New Cards, New Clans, and New Gacha Arrive with the [Asia Circuit Gacha]!

Thank you for playing Vanguard ZERO!

Following maintenance on JUL 1st (Wed), the “Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha” will be added to the Gacha selection,
and the new clans Gold Paladin, Narukami, Angel Feather, and Great Nature will finally be featured in Vanguard ZERO!
Popular cards such as [Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel] and [Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion] are also joining the fight!

What’s more, the new ability “Limit Break” is being added to Vanguard ZERO!
You can use this powerful ability when you have 4 or more cards in your damage zone!
Push yourself past the limit and show your opponents what you’re made of!

Make use of these new cards and abilities as Vanguard ZERO embarks on a new frontier!

An Update to the Standard Gacha

〇 New Clan Cards Will Be Available via the “Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha”

In addition to the existing Fighters’ Gacha, the “Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha” will now also be featured in the standard Gacha selection!

〇 About the Fighters’ Gacha

Not only is the Asia Circuit Chapter Gacha being added, but the existing Fighters’ Gacha is getting an overhaul!
The Fighters’ Gacha will be split into two Gacha, “TEAM Q4” and “RIVALS”, and each Gacha will only drop cards from its featured clans!

● Clans Featured in “Fighters’ Gacha TEAM Q4”
・Royal Paladin
・Oracle Think Tank
・Nova Grappler

● Clans Featured in “Fighters’ Gacha RIVALS”
・Shadow Paladin
・Dimension Police
・Dark Irregulars
・Pale Moon
・Bermuda Triangle

Pick the Gacha that features your preferred clan and go for the cards you really want!


*For further details on the gacha rates, please tap “Gacha Details” and “Rate” from the Gacha screen in the Shop.

We hope you continue to enjoy Vanguard ZERO as always!
Stand up and fight!